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How do I obtain the offer?
After 2 Purchases email with you chosen choice.
After 5 Purchases email with your 3 chosen choices.

*Please remember purchases must be made within 24 hours of eachother to obtain offer.*

Does my order include the full catalogue?
Yes all our PDF's contain the full catalogue/s.

How do I place an order?
To place an order press on your chosen catalogue, this will take you to the "Buy PDF Now" Button. Your Catalogue will be sent automatically to the email address provided at checkout.

Do I get a physical (paper) catalogue with my order?
These are PDF's of the catalogues which have been scanned at 300 dpi. No paper catalogue/s will be sent.

Can I place an order without an email address?
An email address is essential (preferably a Gmail account). You CANNOT make a purchase without an email address.

Do i need a google/Gmail account for the downloads?
Some of the downloads weren't showing up without a google account. We strongly recommend a Gmail Account to avoid disappointment

Where is the basket button?
Purchases can only be placed one by one, We know this is very frustrating and we apologise, This is something we are improving on for the future, so please bear with us.

Some Pdf downloads are too big to view straight away so will need to be downloaded onto your device,
Our PDF'S are safe to do so.

                                                                        REFUND POLICY
          Sadly we DO NOT accept Full Refunds but will offer 50% of original purchase/s amount.            
*Please Read* You cannot order any products from these catalogues I am not an agent or re-seller of the products shown in the catalogues. Thank you

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